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Welcome to the Oakdale Museum & History Center

Built in 1869 as a residence, transformed into a Museum in 1985, and operated by Friends of Oakdale Heritage since 2009.

Take a Look Inside

The School Room


Oakdale High School's first graduating class was in 1894 and consisted of 6 students; 1 boy and 5 girls. The second graduating class had 11 students; 4 boys and 7 girls. OHS will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary in October, 2018. See staff for details.

The Parlor


In Victorian times, this is where visitors were greeted. You'll see the items of everyday life: a pocket watch, a hat pin, a knife and a pipe. These are remnants of a bygone era. Personal items we no longer carry with us, but things our grandparents wouldn't be without. 

The Dining Room


This once was the room where friends and family gathered to celebrate and share life's abundance. Now, it is a repository for Oakdale businesses and the people who ran them...along with a few more surprises.


Grandma's 1930's Kitchen


Back to the days of wood stoves, boiling water, churning butter and endless food preparation. It was "farm to table," as it was originally done.

The General Store


Our replica of what it was like to do the shopping in downtown Oakdale, featuring relics from Oakdale Soda Works and Zaro & Cisi's Market, on 3rd Avenue.

Have you ever seen?


  • A Golden Crane?
  • A baseball uniform made of wool?
  • A camera that came in a cereal box?
  • Examples of "early Googling"?
  • An aerial view of Oakdale in 1966?

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