ON SALE NOW-- Masquerade! 2. 1. 20 Casino Night and Live Music--see EVENTS PAGE

Our Annual Fund Raising Event


2.1.20  Dress to Impress in ball gowns, tuxedos and a masquerade mask! 

$75 for general tickets. 

$100 for all you can drink alcohol. Don't miss the best event of the season.

Our Most Recent Events

Completed & Ongoing Projects

Dining Room Rehab


The Dining Room ceiling was patched decades ago and remained unfinished. The walls were covered with peeling and stained wallpaper.

Removing Displays


But in order to take on a large project, the current displays had to be taken down and removed from the Dining Room.

Getting Serious


As with any serious project, things can get messy before they start improving. We discovered 3 layers of wallpaper! It was a bigger job than expected.

Unexpected Discoveries

Surprise!! Two openings in a wall where no one knows how, or why...they are there! Lots of unanswere

We found two holes leading to nowhere...and no explanations for why they exist!

Smooth Surfaces


Holes patched, primed and painted. A smooth "blank slate" emerges. Clean, bright and refreshing!

Amazing Transformation


The work is done. The mess cleaned up and displays are back in place. A fresh and inviting space to begin conversations and share memories.